Monday, 2 January 2012


No. Enc.: 1 (0)
Alignment: As creator
Movement: 10' (3')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2d8+2
Attacks: 1 (bite)
Damage: 1d3
Save: As creator (see below)
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None

The umbiliculous is a mystic creation brewed by magic-users.  A leathery 1' tall humanoid with the facial features of it's maker linked to them by an umbilical cord from their navels.   This cord extends up to 10' feet but is often wrapped around the magic-user's waist as the umbiliculous clings to it's maker or perches atop their shoulders.  Their mouths are filled with needle-like teeth. 

An umbiliculous confers benefits for a magic-user willing to make one.
  • If carrying the umbiliculous, the magic-user gains a +2 to saving throws versus magical effects.
  • It may babble once a day; casting a sleep spell within 120' which lasts for 2d4 turns.
  • Keen senses detect invisible within 20', reduce the magic-user's chance for surprise by 1 in 6. 
  • They provide a pair of small hands for the magic-user.  These can be used to wield a wand (as a magic-user) or to manipulate items up to 10' distance with a Strength of 4.
If the cord is cut, the umbiliculous dies instantly.  If the umbiliculous dies, the magic-user must make a save vs. paralysation or be stunned (-4 to hit, AC and saves) for the next hour.  If the magic-user is slain, the umbiliculous is unable to do anything and dies in 1d4 rounds wailing pitifully.  To brew an umbiliculous, a magic-user must donate a pint of blood, mix it with ochre, one fish head per level of the magic-user and red clay in a ritually-prepared leather sack (costing 1000gp) while casting sleep, detect invisible and mirror image. The sack may be re-used.


  1. Bizarre! And I mean that as a compliment. :)

  2. Horribilulous! In a good way!

  3. Thanks both of you - taken as intended :)

    Reading Hereticwerks is having an influence...


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