Thursday, 3 February 2011

something for the weekend?

A few items for your consideration.  Some of these are time-sensitive so you'd better hurry up and take a look.
  1. Kobold Quarterly 11 is free from until 9th February.  Just go here, type in the code KQ11Gift at checkout and it's goodness is yours.  If you're not convinced, there's a review here.
  2. Today is the launch of 6d6 Mince Pies and Murder RPG.  Using a pay-what-you-want model, it offers 1920s-style murder, mystery and savory-sweet snacks in a different approach to RPGs.  In addition there's the Ultra-lite RPG and upcoming web-based tools.
  3. A free PDF book on Gamemastering.  Plenty of good advice, remiscent of Extreme Dungeon Mastering (XDM) but nowhere near as goofy.

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