Saturday, 17 April 2010

recession-proof gaming VIII - classics and cool

Still paying your way out of the financiapocalypse?  Gaming can still give you lots of good times and it need not cost you an arm and a leg doing so.  These are some more options for you to explore. 

Dragoons20 - Classic fantasy steampunk using Microlite20.
Frenzy - 8 pages of action RPG dynamite, an antidote to boring combat.
Talislanta - The d20 version of the classic RPG now available for free.
Zombi - a game about the risen dead, recommended by Jeff Rients.

GM Resources
d20 On-Screen DM Screen - d20 reference tables.
Online Herbal - Gathering herbs from numerous tabletop RPG sources.
PDF Campaign Journal - courtesy of The Warlock's Home Brew

DocsPal - Converts document and graphic file types to other file types.
Gray TiddlyWiki - Lo-fi flavour of TiddlyWiki.

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