Saturday, 6 March 2010

three things: inflictions

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Lachrymose Mask - This ivory tragedy mask is intended as a punishment for errant spellcasters and overly shrewish or loud conversationalists and magically adjusts to fit any humanoid head. When donned, the mask fastens itself with arcane lock. The mask prevents all speech and rewards attempts to speak by slowly drowning the wearer in magical tears. Attempting to speak causes the wearer 1d6 subdual damage and forces them to make a Constitution check (DC10 +1 per round) or be forced to cough up the salty water filling their lungs. Creatures that can communicate without speech do not incur the effects of the mask.
Market Cost: 4000gp.
Creation:Create Wondrous Item, arcane lock, create water.

Rod of Burning Remembrance - This slim rod is made from a ferula plant and is capped with spiked iron tips.  It is treated as a +1 club and usable by any class able to use one.  It has three additional functions, using them is equivalent to drawing a weapon.
  • Once a day it can provide a +2 to any Intelligence-based skill check.
  • Once a day it can inflict 1d8+4 fire damage with a successful melee touch attack
  • Once a day it can with a successful melee touch attack cause the target to suffer the effects of a symbol of pain (-4 to attacks, skill and ability checks) for 10 minutes.
This rod is popular with evil characters, especially torturers and schoolmasters.  The relatively nondescript appearance of the item is valued by urbane characters who prefer discretion to blatant displays of power.
Market Value: 5,600gp
Creation: Create Rod, flame blade, fox's cunning, symbol of pain

Slaver's Eye - This gem appears to be a hemispherical cabochon-cut diamond  with a dark core reminiscent of an eye's iris.  If touched to the forehead it will cling there. The slaver's eye grants the person who placed it on the recipient's forehead the ability to use a geas/quest spell up to 10 minutes after the slaver's eye is attached. If the recipient refuses, they suffer the usual effects of non-compliance with geas/quest and strange dark veins appear around the gem as symptoms, the more intense the loss, the further the veins spread.  Open-ended tasks can be granted as usual and last for 10 days.  Once the task is completed, the gem falls off, ready to be used again.  To forcibly remove the slaver's eye requires a break enchantment spell, the presence of an antimagic shell, a limited wish or even greater spell with similar effects. Attempts to remove the gem by normal means fail and may damage the wearer at DM's discretion.
Market Value:  6,000gp
Creation: Caster level 11th, Create Wondrous Item, geas/quest

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