Thursday, 21 January 2010

ruin of aress

Lumps of metal, shattered icons and charred wood litter a slagheap floor.  A burnt smell lingers on tatters of fabric and charcoal.  Where paladins swore fealty now a breeze whispers, stirring dust and ashes. The ruin festers like a broken tooth, avoided by the faithful who are dead or scattered. Beneath the cathedral floor are crypts yet there have been no stories of unquiet dead since the cathedral's destruction.

Those who make a Religion roll (DC 20) know that Aress Cathedral was built using divine fire and once kept vestal flames known to enhance fire magics.  Those making a History check (DC25) recall it was burnt after attacks by an undead army summoned by a necromancer.  Kindling a fire in the ruin leads to clear and bright-burning flame from glowing embers yet the shadows dance disturbingly over the broken angels and blackened walls and wisps of pale fog rise from the cracked floor.

Areas of the floor are difficult terrain due to the debris scattered over them.  If a fire is lit with debris from the ruin at the start of an encounter, fire or necrotic attacks gain a +1 to hit and +1d6 damage bonus.  This effect persists regardless of current occupants.  Removing the necrotic taint in the cathedral needs a quest to regain divine favour and ceremonies to sanctify the cathedral anew.

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