Saturday, 23 November 2013

unlikely treasures - now in PDF flavour

Sometimes, random doesn't quite cut it - there, I've said it.

You need something to grace a hoard that may be of value beyond the price tag.  Or your improv doesn't run to bling. 

So, for your delectation...

Unlikely Treasures 1 PDF
  • Tables of twelve treasure items for each tier of art object.
  • Additional tables for: 
    • alchemical loot
    • faux magical jewellry
    • literary treasures.
  • Mixture of useful and more challenging items for murderhobos.
  • Notes on aristocratic trappings, the psychology of bling and the upper limits of swag.
 It's Creative Commons Sharealike Attributable, so what are you waiting for?  Fill your boots!


  1. Thanks a lot. I will use these in my campaign.

  2. This is really well done - not only useful in and of itself, but the writing and presentation is excellent. Thanks for putting this together - it will be used in my ongoing S&W campaign.

  3. Thanks all for your feedback. Feels good to be back. :)


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