Friday, 10 May 2013

and then... unlikely treasures

Roll 1d12 for the loot.
  1. Armoured brocade tunic with mail panels of grey-green metal and nine purple gem buttons (6000gp) - Suitable for a tall human.  Weighs 20lbs, adamantine mail panels grant +3 to armour class and reduces damage from all attacks by 1 point. Purple gem buttons are amethyst (100gp each). 
  2. Brooch of seven-rayed solar disk in rose gold and mithral filigree inlaid with seven yellow faceted gems (5500gp) - The gems are yellow topaz (worth 500gp each).
  3. Coat of snow leopard fur (5000gp) - Suitable for a short human female; fit for nobility.
  4. Diadem of platinum with triad of deep-blue gems over the brow (5000gp) - The gems are sapphire (1000gp each).
  5. Engraved golden greatsword with ornate hilt of two coiled dragons with inlaid red gem eyes and iridescent orange-gold gem pommel (5000gp) - Weighs 12lbs. Blade is solid gold, worth 600gp and limited use in battle (-2 to hit, -1 damage).  The hilt is worth 2000gp, the dragons' eyes are four small red garnets (100gp each) and the pommel is a fire opal (1000gp).
  6. Figurine of a knight riding a destrier bearing a spear and pennant in platinum (5000gp) - Weighs 25lbs.
  7. Gold triptych of three sacred kings inlaid with opaque black gem panels sparkling with oily haloes in light (5000gp) - Panels are rainbow obsidian (worth 600gp if removed).  The triptych is worth 4000gp by weight.
  8. Hunting cape of sable-trimmed panther fur and ornate gold dragon brooch with two small iridescent white jewels for eyes (5000gp) - Suitable for a tall human, fit for royalty.  The cape is worth 2400gp, the clasp is worth 2600gp.  The jewels are opals worth 500gp each.
  9. Intaglio seal carved into a black jewel with yellow highlights set in a simple gold handle (5000gp) - The seal is carved into a faceted black sapphire and weighs 1lb. 
  10. Jade cinerary egg engraved with ancient glyphs containing ashes (5000gp) - This ornate egg weighs 4lbs and is 3 inches wide and 4 inches high.  The ashes are of a serpent man hero (roughly 150 cubic inches of ash) and the glyphs record the names of their pantheon.
  11. Kerchief of white brocade with silver wire hemmed with forty pink gems (4500gp) - Weighs 5 lb, is a three-foot square.  Each gem is a 100gp tourmaline.
  12. Longsword of adamantine with ornate silver basket hilt inlaid with red gem (4000gp) - The hilt is worth 250gp and the gem is a 500gp spinel.

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