Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ten unlikely treasures

Roll 1d10 for unlikely loot.
  1. Fingerbone skeleton key with jet inlaid handle.  The key opens any non-magical lock on 1 in 6 (d6).  If used by a thief to pick locks it adds +2 to the attempt.  Magical, puzzle or combination locks foil it.
  2. Velvet pouch (worth 1gp) holding irregular one-inch pieces of carved cedar wood - the pieces of a puzzle box.  Assembly takes a minute and a successful Intelligence check.  The box has a sliding lid and is 6 inch by 2 inch by 1 inch. It holds up to 120 stacked coins or a scribe's quills and vial of ink.
  3. A gold-plated human-sized ceremonial pauldron (plate mail shoulder-piece) etched with reclining nudes.  Three thumb-width gold chains form an epaulet.  Useless armour, excellent gaudy bling.
  4. A scabbard of black ash and bronze decorated with a sneering bearded face with tourmaline eyes.  Suitable for longsword or similar straight blade.  Of sufficient quality to be enchanted.
  5. Well-worn ivory drinking horn etched with indigo leaf patterns and silver cap attached by slim yet robust chain.
  6. Brass pocket tin painted with dragons.  Inside lurks 3 twists of resinous pipeweed.  Each twist causes the smoker to be passive (-4 to Will and to hit rolls) yet relaxed and reasonable (+2 to Charisma for reaction rolls) for the next 2 hours. 
  7. Cream-coloured meerschaum pipe with bowl carved as a reclining dragon's head.  Smoke billows from the dragon's mouth.  This delightful pipe gives a +2 reaction bonus with pipe-smokers.
  8. Ivory bracer used for archery, can be adjusted to fit any medium-sized character.  This well-worn accoutrement has a runic inscription which is 30% legible.  Those who can make it out will read 'Sure hands and swift arrows'.
  9. Silver snuff box decorated with raised lion emblem.  If opened it holds 5 gold pieces and no snuff.
  10. An embroidered purple velvet bag with violet drawstring (worth 1gp).  Inside are 1d20 dead beetles, commonly believed to be an aphrodisiac, in actuality a mild ingested poison (consuming more than one beetle forces a save or take 1 Strength damage, feel fever-warm for 30 minutes per beetle).

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