Tuesday, 24 February 2009

undead maps for the carnival

So what you have for this month's RPG Carnival is a new map and a new monster. Knowing I couldn't leave it as that simple I started thinking about how you make a map a monster and a monster a map? This led me to Clive Barker's Books of Blood.

So how do you preserve your monster maps? Make them undead of course. This not only allows me to get Open Grave (for research) it also gets a blog post and practicing maps chops as well - now all I need is to run a 4E game! A flick through this fine book and Kasar Khane, the tattooed heretic of the snake god Zehir - was unborn.

Which then leaves us with the new monster, which has to have some kind of map connotation - and what are maps made of again? Vellum, also known as skin. How about an undead construct that mimics a map to get close to it's victims? Finding the name for this one was fun - a bit of old Latin gave me the name mappafalsus which seemed to fit fine.

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