Sunday, 14 August 2011

three things: headgear

Head-dress of the Ice Rager
This head-dress is adorned with ram horns worn at the brow, a mane of white hair gathered from three different arctic beasts and black leather thongs braided and decorated with teeth and bone icons of gods and totems.  The head-dress is activated by entering a berserk fury, such as a barbarian's rage ability or that caused by a rage spell.  The head-dress binds to the head, giving the wearer a gore attack with the horns for 2d4 damage.  The wearer gains an +4 enhancement bonus to Strength until the rage ends.
Market Value: 24,000gp
Creation: 5th-level, Create Wondrous Item, rage or rage ability, alter self, bull's strength.

Turban of the Stone Tyrants
This turban is made of terracotta and umber-coloured silk embroidered with arcane inscriptions in gold thread topped with a skullcap of glyph-inscribed copper inlaid with malachite.  The turban offers it's wearer the ability to meld into stone once a day by invoking the glyphs inscribed in the skullcap and offering an blessing upon the rulers of elemental earth.
Market Value: 15,000gp
Creation: 5th-level, Create Wondrous Item, meld into stone.

Vigilant Skull-case
This magical open-faced helmet is made from a large humanoid skull.  The back of the skull is carved open to allow the face to show, with the skull's face worn on the back of the head.  The skull-case provides a +1 deflection bonus to Armour Class.  It is worn with the skull's face on the back of the head.  The wearer becomes aware what's behind them and cannot be flanked.  Once a day, the skull's jaw will open and scream loudly if a shapechanger moves within 30' behind the wearer.
Market Value: 21,000gp
Creation: 5th-level, Create Magical Arms & Armour, countless eyes, mage armour, magic mouth.

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