Tuesday, 9 February 2010

three things: pine cones

Pine Cone of Conflagration - This resinous pine cone is a weapon.  When the command word is spoken and it is hurled at a target (range increment of 10 feet) it explodes in a 3' diameter ball of fire doing 1d10+2 fire damage.  Those adjacent to the target must make Reflex saves (DC16) or take 1d4 fire damage.  The fire ignites combustible materials adjacent to the target.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, fire seeds.  
Market Cost:750gp.

Pine Cone of Hibernation - The owner of this pine cone finds they enjoy deep, refreshing sleep.  They regain double their level in hit points and enjoy 8 hours of relaxing sleep every night.  While asleep, the owner acts as if under a sleep spell, only roused by physical contact or injury and is immune to the nightmare spell or any magic or psionic effect attempting to disturb the mind while it sleeps. Nightmares caused by psychological trauma are equally banished.  Dreams sent by deities or similarly powerful entities are not subject to this effect.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, nightmare, sleep.
Market Cost: 1500gp.

Pine Cone of Neotenic Sorcery - The owner of this large pine cone gains arcane power; gaining sudden insight into using magic.  They gain the ability to cast spells as a 2nd-level sorcerer and the following spells.
0: dancing lights, daze, ghost sound, prestidigitation, resistance.
1: hypnotism, shield.
As a downside, they also grow increasingly childish.  The owner becomes easily distracted (-2 penalty on all rolls to perceive or sense something), weak-willed (-2 penalty to Will saves) and completely uninterested in activities involving their preferred gender.  Over time they grow attached to the pine cone so attempts to remove it from them are treated as if their favourite toy was being stolen and this is usually met with violence.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, reincarnation 
Market Cost: 10,000gp

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