Tuesday, 9 February 2010

bicentennial, man

Two hundred posts needs some kind of celebration.  I could go retrospective but it's been a learning process and there are recap posts already.  So let's see if this year's plans can survive contact with the blogosphere before reality gets it's licks in.  I understand they call this... prototyping.
  1. Publish something.  I've blogged about the tools, the theory and how certain design decisions make products what they are.  Now it's time to accept the Chatty Challenge and do something about it - seeing as inns & taverns are enjoyed most out of the original content, a fleshing out may be in order.   A fully worked up Rose Tower is likely to be the result.
  2. Attend a con.  Looking forward to Con-Quest in April.  I haven't attended a con in a very long time and think this would be a good chance to try some different things. 
  3. Demo a game somewhere.  Now on this I'm torn. Supernatural is the obvious choice for those new to RPGs.  3:16 just because it's rocking my world right now.  I might end up putting a Mutant Future bar-room brawl on here and see what people think - if it works, I'll demo it somewhere.
  4. Investigate more indie games.   I'm thinking about picking up Ribbon Drive and wondering if I can find enough Colonial Gothic to run something truly wicked.  I would go and get Mouse Guard but I have to get rid of some old stuff to make room on the shelves first...
Right, that's four things to aim for.  Let's see what happens next.

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