Sunday, 15 February 2009

from the edge of twilight : nightwalker

19.29 - Our subject's on the move. Possible delivery. Subject mobile, motorcycle licence plate (edited), black and white leathers. Moving to High Street, stand by unit 4, this could be business.
19.31 - Bloody hell, look at him go. Nutter. Unit 4, confirm visual.
19.33 - Looks like some vandals broke the street light in this alley. Don't know how they managed to scale that lamp post. Kids today eh?
19.35 - What was that? *muffled* Nothing.
19.40 - Subject has reached destination. Meeting with Caucasian, five-nine, blue and white Adidas hoodie and sportswear. Passing over Jiffy envelope - intercept? OK, we'll pick our new friend up later... wait.
19.42 - They're heading to the house. Wait... we don't know this guy.
19.43 - Subject and friend now entering house. Music on, looks like they don't want to do business in the street. Do we have a go Unit 4?
19.44 - JESUS! Get backup! This is PC(edited), looks like the new guy had been thrown through the window onto the fence. How the fu - oh god, what was *sound of breaking masonry* GET DOWN! GET BACKUP NOW!
*tape ends*

"The rest you know. The press report says there was a gas cylinder explosion and we had to ensure the incident report didn't conflict with that even if SOCO says the section of wall that hit PC(edited) looks like it was torn from the building and hurled. It's just one nonsense among the many I've had to deal with in the last day or so."

"There's no sign of the subject. Nothing except his bike helmet and his bike. The damage to the walls of the property indicate some massive impact and the disturbed plant pots are far too heavy to knock over, which fortunately lends the explosive theory some credence but the lack of canister shrapnel."

"The officers aren't going anywhere near that estate now and are requesting Serious Crime Squad involvement, I don't blame them. There was enough skunk in the house to put away the dealer for distribution and a couple of improvised weapons. It doesn't fit any kind of gang pattern I'd expect. You've got your own theories of course."

"There's a problem with the CCTV footage you've requested. The cam with the best view was having trouble, looks like the stanchion it rests on was bent somehow and the light in the alleyway where PC(edited) was watching from was gone. I don't know if he'll recover from the wall hitting him - medical retirement's a certainty."

"Good luck. I don't know what else we can do to help but if we can, ask."

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