Sunday, 25 January 2009

cross-media and new writing arenas

Hypertext-based fiction is not a new concept but what surprises me is how pervasive some of this stuff has become. My first experience of this was The Dionaea House which blew my mind because I found it while looking for something else and lost two hours looking at the site.

Naturally those playing ARGs are probably smiling at the n00b. "Ho hum" says I while I take a look at some of the good stuff going on.. while some may not consider ourselves as cross-media mavens, you need only look at people like Joss Whedon to realise that there is something here...

A lot of interesting stuff can be found at Christy Dena's site on the 'new media'. In particular the post about possible pathways for digital writers offers fertile soil for inspiration; particularly if you're thinking about an ARG or cross-media stuff, some of those avenues may be surprising to people - live-action role play (LARP)?

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