Wednesday, 12 January 2011

what a year may bring

The RPG Blog Carnival this month hits The Action Point and muses what to do different this year. 2010 changed my game habits irrevocably. Here's the plan for this year.  Survival on contact with reality remains to be seen. 

  1. Compile More Stuff.  The Zaros Road Crawl got unexpected interest.  Other crawls and things will appear on the downloads page this year.  Getting into print this year is the optimum.  If you see something on the blog you'd want in print, what would it be?
  2. Conventions.  Con-Quest is getting another look this year, last year was a hoot.  Be nice to play if I can persuade fellow travellers to stay longer.  Other local conventions investigated depending on availability.
  3. Horizon Broadening.  Fiasco will be bought and played this year - and there's some indie and OSR games I need to dry-run and introduce to a wider audience.  This means getting confident with rules, breaking FLGS ice and irregular game sessions.  How hard can it be?
  4. Make Time To Game.  Jane McGonigal suggests optimal gaming guidance that makes intriguing reading for those feeling burned out by prep or over-stimulus.  Encouragement towards social, creative games is heartening for tabletop roleplayers, maybe less for Facebook game addicts.
  5. Organisation.  I have an impressive slush file with lots of 'someday' projects.  Geek Ken lambasts idea guys for not crystallising their dreams.  Doing this requires a steep learning curve and sleep deprivation.  Fortunately the latter won't be a problem!
  6. Purge.  I need space for a Very Important Person so the old stuff has to go.  Running games using old editions of old World of Darkness Vampire or Werewolf are currently unlikely. Ebay is one option, my local FLGS is another, trade is a third.  First however is inventory and possible retrospectives.
  7. Revamp.  Tinkering with the blog continues for layout and content.  Blogger remains my platform of choice for now.  Other side-projects may use other platforms depending on how items 1 and 5 work out.  
So that's the plan in it's imperfect glory.  Let's see what's out there... 


    1. 1) Any / all of your background stuff - They provide great atmosphere and fluff for GMs

      2) Cons that the 6d6 RPG crew are planning to attend:

      5th February: Sabrecon, at Leicester University,

      19th March: Concrete Cow 11, Milton Keynes,

      16th April: Salute 2011, Excel Exhibition Centre, London. – Major Wargames event

      30th April: Con-Quest 2011, at the Derby Assembly Room

      3rd-5th June: UK Games Expo 2011, Birmingham.

      1st-3rd July: Summer Stabcon 2011 - The Britannia Hotel, Stockport

      3) Not played Fiasco but hear good things about it. There is another Indie game you might want to try this year but I just can't think of its name right now ...

      Also checkout the Mondo Comico, Vague Connections and Chimera. There is some great gaming going off in these shops.

      4) Can't help you there.

      5) Yep. This year is make or break year.

      6) Chimera in Beeston has a 2nd hand RPG section. They may be willing buy stuff.

      7) My advice is leave it well alone unless you enjoy the tinkering. The layout is already good and you'll all the time you can find for items 1 - 6.

    2. Looks like an ambitious, but do-able, list.


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