Thursday, 11 March 2010

recession-proof gaming VII - mission to game

Is that light at the end of the financiapocalyptic tunnel?  Maybe.  Here's some more stuff anyway.

Browser Tools
  • hack/ has produced some neat RPG bookmarklets.  I've mentioned bookmarklets as game tools before and these provide dice rollers and character generators for D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Hackmaster, Classic Traveller and WHFRP.
  • Dino Pirates of Ninja Island combines dinosaurs, pirates, ninjas, monkeys and robots with adventure into an intriguing whole.  A Creative Commons license lets you add to the game setting - the rules and lots of content is free.  There's also an introductory adventure for $6.  Courtesy of Scratch Factory.
  • Engines & Empires is a free PDF steampunk sourcebook for Labyrinth Lord courtesy of Relative Entropy Games - the Relative Entropy site also has free resources and nicely priced print copies.
GM Resources
  • Those running d20/OGL games will like The d20NPCs wiki which has a searchable list of pre-generated NPCs for both fantasy and modern games.  
  • More d20 fantasy generators are found at Myth Weavers including an updated version of the random dungeon generator originally coded by Jamis Buck.
  • Dream Weaved Worlds offers some generators for barrel and crate contents,  name generators and the taverns & inns random encounter generator as well as d20 fantasy and sci-fi resources.
  • What's in a name?  Chris Pound's Language Machines provides names for people of many types including Barsoomian and Tsolyani, Dying Earth spell names, martial arts moves worthy of Feng Shui or Exalted and has a wonderful list of name/word generation resources.
  • CrystalBallSoft has a random fantasy city generator which can handle any settlement you'd find in the older editions of the DMG (thorp, hamlet etc.)  It outputs based on D&D data and takes into account some nice touches.

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